Monday, August 10, 2009

Crazy Sunday!!

I got left out in the rain!!! They don't love me anymore!

Sunday started out like any other Sunday. Beautiful morning, a little warmer and more humid than its been, but overall, a wonderful morning! My routine was as usual. Coffee, breakfast and then we went to a 2 hr. meeting.
When we came home, it seemed to be clouding up. We didn't think anything of it and made plans to go downtown to have dinner at a great little restaurant, Mr. Kozak's, where the make fabulous gyros! I've been craving one all summer. So, when it came time to go, we let one of out cats out and off we went.
After a wonderful sandwich, we decided to walk the boardwalk out to the pier. Such a good workout, especially after all that food!
As we were walking out, we noticed first of all, what seemed like a mass exodus from the beach and pier area. Then we noticed dark clouds on the horizon. We didn't think too much of it since there wasn't any rain in the forecast.
We got to the end of the pier and the wind had picked up considerably to the point that we could not go all the way out. Oh well, we just turned around and started to walk back. We passed a man who was telling his family in a frantic way, that a storm was out on the lake about 20 miles away and was moving quickly. I told my husband and we noticed the clouds getting darker and the wind picking up even more.
Needless to say, we started "booking" it along the pier and boardwalk back to our car, which was about 1 1/2 miles away! When the wind got stronger and stronger, it was pushing us along to the point where I was actually blown out into the street. A bit scary, but cool!
Then the torrents of rain started to fall. It rained sideways and, bet you can't guess, but we were drenched!! It was AWESOME!!!
A few years ago, it would have made me mad to get wet, but I loved it. The storm was severe and we were in the middle of it!! Great!!
By the time we got home, we realized our poor little kitty was still outside, and was so happy to get in!
We lost power for a few hours, but a great time to beat my husband (3 games) in cribbage and enjoy a glass of wine.
So our day, all in all, was wonderful! How was yours? I'm a big chicken!! I was hiding in the basement! I'm afraid of everything!


  1. What a cute picture!! Poor wet kitty, but it sounds like it was fun for you guys. :)

  2. lol Your cats may hate you, but it sounds like a fun day up until the rain!

  3. Fabulous! A storm! And to be caught in the middle of it. I love storms too. Poor kitty cat though!

  4. i absolutely love storms! but that poor unhappy little kitty...awww!


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