Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Did You Know.......

Since I changed my web site name from Beadnik Boutique to CinLynn Design, I have had NO sales!! I also need you to know, I have more jewelry in that store than in my Etsy store! Here is a small sample of the many things you can find there exclusively!
Keep in mind....I ALWAYS have free shipping too!
This is a In The Pink necklace, with an ivory pendant and pink glass beads!

This is a Lemon Lime Agate necklace!! I looks different on both sides! But it's still gorgeous!

This is called my Golden Picture Set! I love the colors in this one!
Check out the other pics on my website too!

This is called my Kambaba bracelet!! These stones are awesome!! Check it out!!

This is just a sample of what my shop has to offer! Please feel free to stop by for a visit! Hope to see you real soon!

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