Thursday, October 29, 2009

Good Friday Morning!

Good morning everyone!! Happy Friday!!
Yesterday we finally saw the sun in almost 3 weeks. I was feeling pretty good so I became a bit creative. Here are some pictures of my newest creations ... I guess you can call this a sneak preview since they have not been added to my Etsy store yet!

What I need from you, is suggestions on what to call them. I'm terrible with names. Please give me your opinion!

These pretty earrings are Swarovski Comic Beads and bicones, set with Sterling silver spacers, head pins and ear wires. They are Crystal copper in color.

These little beauties are Swarovski Baroque Beads in a Black Diamond color and black bicones. They are wire wrapped with Argentium Sterling silver wire and hung on Sterling silver ear wires.

And last but not least, my latest purse/zipper pull. I'm not sure of the appeal of this one. The beads are a muli color and the dangles at the bottom are stars. What do I call it?

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  1. I love those Black diamond crystal earrings! Beautiful! I vote for "Dancing at midnight" or maybe "Black beauties" for those. Just an idea. :)


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